The Junior Leagues of NJ State Public Affairs Committee is a statewide, non-partisan committee comprised of delegates from eight Leagues which represent over 3,000 trained volunteers. SPAC advocacy focuses on the needs of women and children.  Specifically for 2015-2016, SPAC concentrated on the Opioid Epidemic, Human Trafficking, Violence against Women, Umbilical Cord Blood Donations, Foster Care, and Childhood Obesity. SPAC continued its successful partnerships with agencies and groups across these issue areas, and looks forward to a robust 2016-2017 League year. 

  1. Violence Against Women and Children.  Met with the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence. Bill A2061 provides that strangulation of victim resulting in bodily injury during commission of act of domestic violence constitutes aggravated assault.  This bill passed the Assembly and is now sitting at the Senate Judiciary Committee.  A315 (Lisa’s Law) establishes a 4 year pilot program in Ocean County for electronic monitoring of certain DV offenders. Introduced into Assembly Appropriations Committee as of June 2106.
  2. Sexual Assault Survivor Protect Act of 2015 (A4078/S2686) was passed and expands the provision of restraining orders from survivors of sexual assault in a domestic situation (boyfriend, husband, father/mother, etc)  to survivors of sexual assault who may not know their perpetrator in such a capacity (i.e. an acquaintance at work/school).   
  3. Human Trafficking (HT) Prevention and Awareness – Several SPAC members volunteered at another SOAP outreach to hotels and attended a Human Trafficking conference
  4. Environment.  Will revisit the Safe Playing Fields Act that mandates use of organic/safer pesticide management on public fields and parks.
  5. Foster Care.  Looking into how we can increase the number of Foster Children who attend college.  Currently, only 3 % of foster children enter college/university.
  6. Universal Pre-K:  Met with Pre-K Our Way to discuss the execution of a law that would expand universal Pre-K to underprivileged communities. 
  7. Opioid Epidemic.  Partnered with NJTV and the Community Foundation to put on a series of forums pertaining to the epidemic – Education, Prevention, Treatment, Legislation.