Facebook Live Shows

Wednesdays, 12:30pm, Fridays, 11am

Follow us on Facebook at @JLSThriftShop.  We are currently hosting two Lives per week and are planning more!  

How it Works:

How to purchase something from our FB Live show:
  1. Have pen and paper ready; 
  2. Write down the item # you want to buy;
  3. During the show, comment on the item you want to buy. For example: "Sold, item #2, Jane" 
  4. After the show, message the Shop from the button on our FB page @JLSThriftShop. This is a private message, please include: Item name and #, your name phone number and email address.
Immediately following the show, we will review the comments to see who gets what piece. If two people commented on the same item, we will give it to the first person who commented by the time stamp. Then we will look to our messages to contact you. All payments will be by credit card over the phone, and merchandise will be scheduled for a curbside pickup at your convenience!

Notes on how winners are chosen and contacted:

Winners are chosen from the time stamp of when their comments were received via the Facebook comment log. We understand that the winner's comment doesn't always appear first to the viewer. This has to do with your internet speed. We apologize for any confusion in this regard.  We would also like to let you know that it might take a few days to reach all of the buyers since we are running on a limited staff.