Personal Shopping and Bag Sales

Personal Shopping for Your Thrift Fix

Our personal shopping program is designed so that you can get your shopping fix—but even better because this is thrift!

How does it work?

  1. Click button, in red box, to get started and answer a few short questions.
  2. A stylist will contact you to discuss what you're looking for and will show you your "fix" to approve.
  3. Pay with a credit card over the phone and schedule your contactless pickup.

Answers to some common questions

How can I be sure it is safe?

All of our current inventory was processed prior to the fall of 2019. Based on guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), there is likely low risk of the virus spreading from products or packaging. For extra caution, we all wear masks and gloves when in the building and there are no more than 2 stylists in the building at one time.

Can I return items?

As you know, our store policy is that we do not take returns. During this time of uncertainty, we are also keeping your safety in mind when adhering to this policy. We are hoping with personalized service and your opportunity to view and approve items before purchase will help to ensure your satisfaction.

I'm not sure if it's for me. Why should I try it?

We have several perks to get you to try it!
  1. First 10 customers will receive one chance at winning a Michael Kors bag for every $10 spent!!
  2. Reward credit: after your 5th order, you will get a $20 credit towards your next order!
  3. Referral credit: Refer a friend and receive $5 off your next order!
  4. Most importantly, you help the community at a time when we need it the most!

Where does the money go?

Proceeds of all sales are invested back into the community in the form of grants, scholarships and projects! (Learn more by clicking here!) As a result of the recent pandemic, our current program, GRACE, has more recipients than ever and is growing every week! 

Click here to meet our stylists!

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Children's Bag Sales

If you love a good deal, need clothes for your kids and don't need personal service, bag sales are for you! 

For Infants up to 24 months, we will bundle 10 pieces for $15. 

For sizes 2T - 12, we will bundle 5 pieces for $20, 8 pieces for $30.

If you click the link here, you will be asked a few questions about what you are looking for and then we will accept your credit card over the phone and arrange a contact-less pickup.  This is a discounted service that provides you with the same quality of products but without the customized personal shopping element where you will be offered to approve the items beforehand.