3rd Annual JLS Trivia Night
Saturday, February 10, 2018

Doors Open at 7. Countdown to Games begins at 7:45

 Chatham Fish & Game
41 Fairmount Ave., Chatham

Tables are $500 and seat up to 10 people
ing is limited

Tables will go on sale Wednesday, January 10th at noon.

All proceeds will benefit the JLS Annual Fund
supporting community grants, scholarships, and projects



How will the JLS Trivia Night run?

The JLS Trivia Night will run just like last year. 

There are ten categories with ten questions for each category.

Your table will have approximately 8-10 minutes to answer all the questions for each category and then you must turn in your answers. There are a lot more variables along the way, but that is the simple answer.

What other variables?

You also get extra points for team spirit!

Theme tables are highly encouraged, complete with table decor and costumes.

You can also buy mulligans, which allow you to automatically get a question correct, no matter what.  Mulligans are $25 a pop or $100 for 5.  In addition, you receive a star wand which allows you to double your points for any one category. You must use your star wand before the category is described (which occurs right before the first question is read.)

What time should I arrive?

Doors open at 7pm sharp.

Countdown to get in your seats begins at 7:45pm.

At the stroke of 8pm- LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

What do I need to do to sign up?

Find nine other teammates to make a table and register on January 10th at noon on this web page. Tables are limited and we anticipate they’ll go fast.  Must be 21 years or older to play.

Can we use our phones?

Of course not! We’ll ask that you put your phones in your pockets or in a bucket on the table.

Will there be food/drink?

We will supply a keg of beer with mugs. You are free to bring your own snacks and other booze. But no food is served.

Interested in being a sponsor?
Contact jlstrivianight@gmail.com.